14th Annual Community Baby Shower a Big Success!



Although slightly different from previous years, the 14th Annual Community Baby Shower was a big hit last Wednesday! There were indeed questions about how we would do it, but with safety in mind and a lot of extra planning, everything worked out well.

For those who don’t know, Community Baby Shower is an incredible partnership between Family Advocates, KIVI Channel 6, Albertsons, Blue Cross of Idaho, and a handful of other local, family-centric nonprofits. Participating Albertsons set up tables, balloons, and donation bins for the nonprofit they’re hosting. As shoppers enter the store, volunteers greet them and offer them a “wish list” of needed items by the nonprofit being hosted at that store. (This year, our volunteers wore masks and gloves.) From there, shoppers can purchase any (or all!) of the wish list items and donate them to the bins as they wrap up their shopping. The final part of the event culminates in a live broadcast hosted by KIVI’s Michelle Edmonds. Michelle reads off the number of items donated throughout the day and presents each nonprofit of the event with a check and a mountain of extra diapers donated by Albertsons. (This year, we gathered in a secluded parking lot to ensure social distancing.)

Despite the pandemic, our numbers were impressive, and Family Advocates was able to bring in roughly 25,000 diapers, nearly 10,000 wipes, and hundreds of additional baby products!

It was an incredible day, and we give huge thanks to Michelle Edmonds and KIVI Channel 6, Albertsons, Blue Cross of Idaho, and, of course, to all our outstanding community members who generously donated goods to make this event the success that it was.