Amazing Humans Doing Amazing Things

As July has officially wrapped up and we dive into our new Fiscal Year, Family Advocates has been busy as ever. Not only are we making some huge strides within each of our programs, CASA and Family Strengthening, but also on our Board of Directors. In the last month we have welcomed 2 new Board members onto the Family Advocates team, both with very different backgrounds and expertise. We are so excited to welcome Wally Harjte and Christian Grice.  We absolutely could not do what we do without our fantastic Board members, and we are so ecstatic to welcome these new members.

Wally Harjte brings on financial knowledge and expertise, though he has experience in multiple areas.  Professionally Wally wears many hats.  He owns a real estate investment company, a general contracting company, helps with accounting for his wife’s interior design business, but Wally’s 9-5 job is mortgages. Wally currently lives in Boise, Idaho with his family.

Christian Grice is an energetic IT leader with 11+ years of diverse experience in fast-paced settings. He has a wide variety of skills and talents, but his main focus is in the IT industry, as he is currently a Senior Business System Administrator at Savers. Christian currently lives in Meridian, Idaho with his family.

Our Board is full of amazing human beings, however we have even more amazing humans that make up our committees!  If you want to be involved and help advance a non-profit, joining a committee is a perfect way to start. Many of our board members are also on our committees, as the two work side-by-side. But you do not have to be a board member to be part of a committee. At Family Advocates, we have four different committees which are: the CASA Committee, the Family Strengthening Committee, the Governance Committee and the Advancement Committee. These committees meet once a month and collaborate on how to best advance their program.  They then let the Board know what updates or new ideas they have at our monthly Board meetings.

Not only do committees provide new and exciting ideas, they can also attend outreach events to further educate the public on Family Advocates. Working hand in hand with staff also allows them the opportunity to provide advice and share their knowledge. The goal of a committee is to advance their focus area and collaborate with the Board, working together to come up with new and exciting ideas for the organization.

Both our board and committee members volunteer their valuable time and talents. We truly are so fortunate to have such an amazing Board of Directors and committees.