Built on Love

GoodTherapy describes love as “A mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect.” By this definition, Family Advocates experiences no shortage of love. This February, we wanted to capture this love and share it with you, so we asked our staff, volunteers, and board of directors to tell us, in just one or two sentences, why they love Family Advocates. The answers encompassed our values: Safe Kids, Strong Families, Brave Volunteers, and painted a clear picture of the essence of our organization.


Safe Kids:


“I love that Family Advocates meets the immediate needs of children who are the most vulnerable members of our community” -Dave Turner, Board of Directors


Without love, our CASA program would not be the success that it is. Love propels our Guardian ad Litem volunteers to show up every day and advocate for the best interests of children in court. Our CASA program is proof that the love of one person is enough. Achieving safety for children in our community is the utmost form of love.


“It makes my heart happy every time I hear about a child who, maybe for the first time, finally has a caring and consistent adult in their life who truly listens and care about what happens to them. Their world may feel scary and out of control, but we give them someone who can hold their hand, literally and figuratively, and help them face whatever comes.” – Darcy Hoellwarth, Board of Directors


Strong Families:


“I love Family Advocates because it embodies the values and goals I see as pillars in my life: family, love, hope, and endurance. It offers a lifeboat for those treading rough waters and a beacon to lead them to endless possibilities!” -Jill Trumble, Family Strengthening Education Program Director


Family Strengthening Education Program (FSEP) uses love as a main apparatus to serve their participants. After all, strong families are engulfed in love. Love for each other, but also love from community supports. By providing a backbone of love FSEP can lead families to strong futures together.


“I love that through Family Advocates I am able to leave a positive footprint in the lives of children, their families, and our community. I love being a connection to a brighter day in their future.” -Lola Riley, Parent Development Coordinator


Brave Volunteers:


“I love Family Advocates, because of our people. This volunteer-based organization not only works to ensure all children are represented by a Guardian ad Litem, but also offers programs to help parents grow their skills. To do that, it takes people who care, and this organization has that!” -Eric Glouser, Board of Directors


Love is the ultimate buy in. Why else would volunteers come back again and again? The work we do isn’t always fun, it’s not glamorous, yet our volunteer base is strong to the core. From the hearts of Guardians ad Litem working with foster children, to the passion Family Strengthening Education Program volunteers bring into every classroom, love for the mission is what keeps these brave volunteers invested.


Safe Kids, Strong Families, Brave Volunteers. These principles in practice are the reasons our community loves Family Advocates. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on love to do the work. We recognize that this love would not be possible without our community, and with it the possibilities are endless.