Nurturing Curiosity and Confidence: Family Strengthening Education Youth Programming

At Family Advocates, we are committed to providing engaging and enriching experiences for children of all ages. Our Family Strengthening Education Program’s youth programming is designed to empower, educate, and inspire the children we serve.

“Strengthening Life Skills Through STEAM”: Unlocking Curiosity and Confidence for ages 6-10 yrs

Our innovative new program, “Strengthening Life Skills Through STEAM,” merges essential life skills lessons with the captivating realms of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Aimed at elementary-aged children, this course fosters curiosity and confidence, allowing children to explore the wonders of the world while acquiring valuable life skills. From problem-solving to creative thinking, children will emerge from this course with a newfound sense of wonder and self-assurance.

Adventure Club: Nurturing Nature Explorers for ages 9-12 yrs

When the weather warms up, our Adventure Club beckons young nature enthusiasts to embark on a journey of exploration. Adventure Club is a hiking club tailored for children, offering exciting opportunities to delve into the beauty of the great outdoors. Through nature exploration, children not only develop a stronger connection with the environment, but also cultivate problem-solving skills and forge lasting friendships. Adventure Club encapsulates the spirit of curiosity, discovery, and camaraderie.

5 for 5 Crash Course: Equipping Teens for Tomorrow for ages 13 and up

For teenagers on the brink of important life transitions, our “5 for 5 Crash Course” provides a condensed and impactful learning experience. Over five weeks, teens dive into invaluable lessons on goal setting, cultivating, and sustaining healthy relationships, and accessing the resources available within their communities. This crash course empowers teens with practical skills to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities confidently.

“Shelf Awareness” Book Club: Where Reading Meets Friendship for ages 13-17 yrs

Calling all bookworms! Our “Shelf Awareness” Book Club offers a unique space for teen readers to connect, discuss literature, and forge new friendships. With both indoor and outdoor settings, this club provides a cozy environment for sharing thoughts and insights on a diverse range of books. Teens not only expand their literary horizons, but also develop their social skills and connect with fellow book enthusiasts.

 Evolving Opportunities: Unveiling What’s Next

At the Family Strengthening Education Program, we are committed to continuous improvement and expansion. Our youth programming is ever evolving, and we are excited to unveil more enriching opportunities for your children soon. Stay tuned as we introduce new adventures, learning experiences, and avenues for growth, ensuring that your child’s journey with us remains dynamic and inspiring.

Whether your child is inquisitive about the world, eager to explore nature, or seeking to develop life skills for a bright future, our youth offerings provide a nurturing environment for growth. Join us in shaping a vibrant, empowered, and confident generation through the Family Strengthening Education Program.