Thank you, Board of Directors!

Family Advocates is privileged to be governed by a board of directors that share in the passion for the Family Advocates’ mission. But what does the Family Advocates Board of Directors actually do?

Make Connections

Without an active board that taps into their associations, it is hard for a nonprofit to network in a way that produces productive partnerships. Board members interact daily with individuals, companies, civic leaders, and more that have shared interests in the work of Family Advocates. When this becomes apparent, our board members take action. A board member really only has to make an introduction between staff and a key partnership candidate in order for the relationship to blossom. Their current working relationship with trusted connections in-turn provides the foundation for a trusting relationship with Family Advocates. We are all more likely to engage with people we know and trust.

Roll Up Their Sleeves

Board members at Family Advocates show up! We have a lot to do and board members are first and foremost, volunteers. Leading by example, they volunteer their time to meet and greet and listen to other volunteers, participants, community partners, and donors. They come out to events and help set up, tear down, and everything in between. They donate their time, talents, and treasure towards whatever current need there might be. Example: There was a recent need for 80 backpacks. In less than a week, the need was met!

Share Wisdom

A board of directors comes together to share their wisdom and give guidance. The board at Family Advocates is no different. Whether legal, human resources, marketing, volunteer recruitment, financial, programming, IT, fundraising, or otherwise, this team of experts has been put together to cover a gambit of issues that Family Advocates may need some expert advise on. We are very proud to say that we literally have representation for every single item on that list… and more!

Provide Leadership

Board members also sit on and/or chair committees. Committees are made up of even MORE amazing volunteers who do everything mentioned earlier, but on a more focused project such as governance, programs, or advancement. The committee chairs serve as the liaison between the committees and the board in a seamless flow of information and collaboration. Committees are an excellent place for someone to start if they are interested in board involvement.

Family Advocates’ annual theme this year is “The Possibilities are Endless.” Within this theme we find the Family Advocates Board of Directors firmly positioned to ensure this theme is much more than words on a screen. Each board member is an individual with a personal connection to the mission that provides the fuel that keeps them engaged and passionate about their involvement and those served by the organization. They each bring unique insights, ideas, experiences, and connections. Ever vigilant, board members think outside the box for ways to ensure that the possibilities are truly endless for what Family Advocates can do and the impact on the communities served. Examples: Our “legal eagles” provided us with a brand-new Employee Handbook. Our Family Strengthening Education Program was able to provide a STEM event for the families. Multiple new grant opportunities/awards and donations have come in this past fiscal year because of board connections. The list goes on and on.

The Family Advocates Board of Directors do what is necessary to make high-level strategies, provide oversight, support, and accountability for the organization. It is with immense gratitude we thank our board of directors for sharing their talents with Family Advocates as we all work together to strengthen families and keep kids safe by empowering everyday people to protect and enrich the lives of youth. THANK YOU!!

See a list of our current board of directors here.

Interested in learning more about joining a committee or board? Fill out our contact form and register to learn more about volunteering with us.