The Children Are Always Our Focus


We have all seen the news lately—children missing, taken from their families, and traumatized through systems that lack empathy. Recently, many of us at Family Advocates have been asked our thoughts about what’s happening on our southern border. Our statement should be taken as simply and clearly as this; all children, regardless of where they had the fortune of being born, deserve to have safety and basic human needs. Including love.

We work in Idaho to help families stay healthy and united whenever possible. Our dedicated Family Strengthening team connects families to resources so that they can achieve long-term stability and success while our Guardians ad Litem and pro-bono attorneys advocate for the child’s best interest in the courtroom. None of these activities are specialized by the child’s demographics. Regardless of their race, ethnicity, country of origin, language(s) spoken, beliefs, etc., our team is here to ensure all children have safety and security. The tough choices that these families have made cannot be easy and they deserve equal love, care, and support.

We hope that this statement encourages you to work for a better community, state, and nation that invests in our most vulnerable citizens—children traumatized and stuck in a system. We hope that you decide to volunteer or give generously to places that work alongside these children and, of course, if you are looking for a place to go to do just that, Family Advocates would love to hear from you