The Community Delivers!

We never expected this…we never even dreamed this! Thank you to all of our community supporters who found a way to collect toys, stuffed animals, toiletries, coats, pajamas, and many more items for our children and families in December. We were literally overflowing with your generosity! After sharing the love with families seeking support over the holidays, and then supporting our fellow nonprofits that also support families, we still had an abundance of your gifts left. What were we to do?!

In swoops our friends at the Easter Seals Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain with their trucks and warehouses! Shanna Endow, the Retail Donation Manager, offered her support in ensuring that our children and families have access to items year-round and during the next holiday season by storing our items. Thank you Goodwill and thank you to all of the community members who help support our programming year-round!