Time, Talent, and Treasure

Generosity is the lifeblood of nonprofits. Private foundation and government funding are sources of income, true, but these avenues are finite and fleeting in nature. These resources are unreliable.

Beyond the need for financial support, nonprofits rely heavily on word of mouth, in-person interaction, and a level of mindshare necessary to keep the lights on and keep objectives in sight while working with a shoestring budget, limited staff, limited time, and limited resources. This paints a rather grim picture in which the generosity of others is absolutely necessary to exist. Were that generosity to disappear, a nonprofit would follow in lockstep, shutting doors potentially forever.

For us at Family Advocates this is never far from the conversation, but we feel lucky to have the support of our donors to help keep spirits high and keep the ball rolling in our mission to keep kids safe.

Donors are the backbone to our organization and it is with no hesitancy that we acknowledge that. We are fortunate enough to see a severe level of giving, compassion, and hope among those that graciously reach out to help us. We’ve met wonderful people willing to pledge their hard-earned money because they believe in our mission to keep kids safe. We also work with a fleet of volunteers sacrificing life’s most precious resource – time – to help make a difference. It is humbling and heartwarming to meet and interact with so many who share the same vision as us.

Recently we participated in a Community Baby Shower at several locations throughout the Treasure Valley. The volunteer turnout for these locations was a small peek into the level of fortune we experience every day. There was an almost infectious enthusiasm in the air and a level of comradery we could not have imagined. As such, the event was a smashing success that brought employees and volunteers closer together. These folks, in addition to our Guardians ad Litem and Family Strengthening volunteers, truly set the bar for all of us and serve as a reminder of why we do what we do.

As things in the world begin to return to normal, so does our ability to interface with the community. To see such a resounding sense of resolve from our constituents in light of recent events has been breathtaking for us all. People are donating, people are volunteering, and people are believing in the Family Advocates mission.

It is our pleasure to work with our donors whether they donate time, talent, or treasure, and we will never lose sight of just how instrumental every last minute and every last cent is to continuing our work and contributing to the welfare of children.

Every day is a chance to affect change.

Thank you, donors, for working with us to fight for that change.