Uniting for Change: How Our Board Paves the Path to Stronger Families

At Family Advocates, we are honored to have a dedicated and passionate Board of Directors that is deeply committed to our mission. These remarkable individuals bring their time, talents, and resources to the table, igniting a powerful force that drives our efforts to empower families and ensure the safety of our community’s children. Let’s delve into the impactful roles our Board members play and how their contributions help support our organization and its mission.

High-Level Strategy and Oversight: Our board members are responsible for developing and refining the organization’s high-level strategies. They provide oversight to ensure that the organization is in alignment with our mission and goals.

Time, Talents, and Treasure: Board members contribute their time, expertise, and financial resources to further the mission of Family Advocates. Their personal connection to the mission fuels their dedication and passion for the organization’s work.

Building Connections: Our Board members serve as catalysts for meaningful relationships within our community. Daily interactions with individuals, corporations, civic leaders, and like-minded organizations help us build bridges with community partners, donors, and supporters who share an interest and passion for our cause.

Expert Advice: Our board of directors collectively possesses a diverse range of expertise, including legal, human resources, marketing, volunteer recruitment, finance, programming, IT, fundraising, and more. Their collective wisdom equips us with the tools to address challenges effectively and make informed decisions.

Committee Involvement: Many of our Board members also take on pivotal roles as committee chairs. These individuals seamlessly bridge the gap between our committees and the Board, ensuring that information flows effortlessly and collaboration thrives. Committees are an excellent entry point for those interested in Board involvement, providing a platform to contribute meaningfully.

At the core of our mission lies the empowerment of everyday individuals. Through our Board’s dedication, we empower communities to protect and enhance the lives of youth. Their involvement resonates far beyond the boardroom, touching lives and fostering a brighter future for families and children.