Where Change Leads Us

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill

One thing that you can count on in the nonprofit world is change. As Family Advocates continues to grow, we have adopted the attitude that our duty is to not only impact the children and families that we serve, but the staff and volunteers as well. With that comes change as staff learns, grow and go on to make impacts in other parts of our community and this world.

Our Family Strengthening Program has experienced quite a bit of change over the last few months and we are excited to share this new team, their excitement, and aspirations with the community we serve. Meet our new team:

Jill Trumble – Family Strengthening Director

Jill brings an extensive background in education to her role leading the Family Strengthening team. Her most recent endeavor includes collaborating on the creation of an online elementary school for K-6 for the state of Idaho in response to the pandemic. She has expressed that her desire to serve families of the Treasure Valley extends beyond the classroom. Her goal is to take Family Strengthening to the next level and provide follow-up services with families that have graduated from the program. This strategy will aid in identifying what it takes to truly impact the lives of families and end child abuse. And a side note… she loves chocolate-covered cinnamon bears!

Lola Riley – Parent Development Coordinator

As the Parent Development Coordinator, Lola is able to insert all of the lessons she learned while serving first in the capacity of a volunteer with the Family Strengthening Program. Lola is excellent at honing in on what individuals’ needs are and how they can be supported. Families (adults and children alike) connect with Lola. She exudes sincerity and genuine concern and they feel supported and trust her. And on top of all of this, she is super crafty!

Sheila Warner – Child Development Coordinator

The newest member of the team, Sheila has the training and experience to provide support to children and families that Family Strengthening has longed to provide. With a Master’s Degree in Social Work, she brings an extensive background in serving families. Her experience has focused on at-risk populations in the field of social services, mental health, employment support, and a multitude of other capacities. If you’re lucky, you might get to join her for her regular tradition of “Ice Cream Wednesday.”

Karina Zavala – Intake & Case Manager

Don’t let Karina’s quiet demeanor fool you. This lady does it all! She is the gatekeeper to Family Strengthening and when a new family full of uncertainty and doubt reaches out, she puts their minds at ease and lets them know they have come to the right place and she is there to help in any way she can. Karina is a multitasker and regardless of what someone needs from her, she makes it happen (families and staff!) Karina is always on the lookout for a new resource to share, connect with, and broaden the reach of Family Advocates services. Her own family is so very important to her and that is why this mission resonates with her. A little tidbit on Karina – she loves food. As a child, she loved apples and goldfish!

What a talented, dedicated, and diverse team!

Though we will continue to experience change in this organization, Family Strengthening at this time, with this team, is primed to advance hope for families in our community. Whether as a participant, volunteer, staff member, or member of the community, we are all blessed to be able to work with this group as we strengthen families and keep kids safe!